A wearable aiming to protect from too much of sun rays.

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Looking out for an exclusive wearable sun watching device? Presenting the all-new Eclipse Rx, the smart UV vesture, this is all set to hit the market floors. Eclipse Rx provides the dimensions of your disclosure to the sun. Plus, the Eclipse Rx has a close resemblance to Fitbit as well as Garmin. Being a very simple device, it does it work efficiently just by entering your individual information which would comprise of your skin’s nature and also sunscreen SPF particulars.

When the solar panels along with its infrared sense the time to proceed for the shadow, the gizmo starts to vibrate and sends push notifications to the registered mobile. The device is power-driven by the sun. Established by dexterous dermatologists, Eclipse Rx is responsible as a preliminary pedometer for calculating the steps taken in the entire day. Statistics regarding disclosure to the sun rays are evidently presented in the associated mobile app.

According to Dr. Matthys, the gadget has been well efficient for many years till now. His main aim is to assist individuals to relish their life with protection and eliminate skin cancer from its roots.

The Mission & Story Behind the Eclipse Rx UV Monitoring Device