A technical help in a traditional sport: Here comes BotBoxer.

· 2 mins read

If boxing and martial arts is your passion, head out to check out this amazing high tech punching bag from SkyTechSports, known as the BotBoxer. Along with wearable devices to make you better at boxing, now you have this intelligent device that can help you train by its abilities.

It is blessed with a high-speed computer vision combined with motion recognition which lets it detect movements of yours plus smartly escapes the hooks and jabs. Aimed at making you more efficient with your technique and reflex, the BotBoxer can help you with upper body cardio workout as well. Though it will not punch you back, it will definitely give you a better insight into your session as the sensors take note of your every blow in terms of force, velocity and direction.

It won’t matter if you are still noob or can hit a lot of opponents, the BotBoxer can be customized according to your needs, thereby making you better at your technique and punching combinations.

Now if you are really impressed with the features, the further story will depress you a little more. The BotBoxer will hit the market in upcoming fall and will have a price tag of 15 lakh INR. Certainly, if you are rich and want to shine in this field, BotBoxer is your partner.