A secure way to monitor blood pressure: Switch to Braun

· 2 mins read

Individuals are showing a rising interest in keeping them healthy, leading to the growth of different manufacturers who are keen on developing more fitness trackers and smartwatches. Braun has made a positive mark in the blood pressure monitoring sector with their devices and now released a couple more for the people. iCheck & and ActiveScan 9 are designed to track your BP levels in the most accurate way. Braun has understood how the minimum of changes can aid in the better health of any person, thus their devices are designed to influence you for that change.

ActiveScan 9 is more of a traditional Blood Pressure Monitor that can be worn on the upper arm and all the information can be viewed with a simple colour-coded system. Also, the reading can be stored over a period of time and with Bluetooth connectivity, the Health application from Braun can give you a more detailed insight. The easy navigation wheel and soft touch buttons enhance the interactive factor of the device.

iCheck 7, on the other hand, is compact and can be worn directly on the wrist. It is designed in such a way so that you always have the accurate positioning of the device while tracking blood pressure. iCheck 7 also keeps a track of your irregular heartbeat and alerts you instantaneously.

Both of the BPMs guarantee accuracy which is very reliable.