A new ray of hope is seen in Nokia after Withings comes back

· 2 mins read

Nokia has been one of the most loved pioneers in the wearable world but they failed to impress much lately. With this decline in their sales, Nokia decided to get back to Eric Carreel, the chairman of Withings. Although big names like Google and Samsung have shown their share of interest in the deal, it was the influence of the French Government as they wish to make a mark in AI.

The announcement of Withings selling Nokia health products came more of a surprise and they are all set to do so till they relaunch their brand. Pundits and experts point toward a possibility of Pulse Wave Velocity making its way into the top range smart scale. Few regulatory issues forced Nokia to pull out this feature but it is quite likely to come back again.

All these news and rumours circling the tech globe hints at something big happening for Nokia but certainty news about their intentions is not yet clear. As we can expect, the company is hoping to make a bigger mark in the industry by going beyond fitness trackers and smart scales.

Back in 2016, Nokia Health bough Withings but for reasons unknown, the sales never impressed and eventually the acquisition failed to meet the growth expectations. Nokia is hoping to change that this time around.