New trademark application suggests Samsung Buds in the offing! Is it time to say goodbye to Samsung Gear Icon X?

· 2 mins read

Samsung lodged a trademark application at the European Union Intellectual Property for Samsung Buds. It looks like this Korean company could be soon replacing IconX 2018, which was launched last year. The trademark application lists the name of the potential device but has no further details about it.

We are not sure if the new product will completely replace the second-generation wireless earbuds, IconX 2018, be a completely new device, or an equivalent of the current product. Moreover, we haven’t heard any rumors or seen any filings that let us know more about the yet-to-be-released Samsung Buds. The competitors of IconX, Google Pixel Buds and Apple AirPods with their smart assistants have become very popular. But Bixby really didn’t help Samsung’s wearables much. So, it could be possible that Samsung is planning to launch earbuds that bring this smart assistant out of the hiding. At the same time, it could mean that this new application has nothing to do with the Smart Assistant. However, if Samsung is genuinely working on a smart hearable, then we could expect to know more about it in the coming months.

Until then, it would be better to wait before picking the Gear IconX earbuds as they may get outdated soon. We expect more news about the new device in the coming weeks and months. Until then, maybe think twice before picking up the Gear IconX earbuds, as they could become quickly outdated