1,500 INR Wyze Budget Watch with SpO2 and HR

· 1 min read

Wyze was started by ex-Amazon employees and the company has now released the Wyze Watch at just 1,500 INR. This sleek, square smartwatch is an Apple Watch-esque model. The Wyze Watch is made of aluminum and weighs 40g. It offers a heart rate tracking, nine-day battery life and an SpO2 sensor.

It also provides sleep monitoring and activity tracking, although this one isn’t for the pool with water-resistance up to 2 metres. This budget watch is available in 44mm and 47mm case sizes, with a generous 1.4-inch/1.75-inch display respectively. Though the quality may not be comparable to Apple Watch or Samsung Watch 3, the 41mm has a 320×320 LCD display, and the 47mm a 320×385 panel.

There’s no GPS or Alexa on board. However, the company’s first wearable, the Wyze Band, was launched earlier with Alexa on board. There are shortcuts on the Wyze Watch to control your other Wyze devices from the wrist. The 1,500 INR Wyze Watch is not shipping until Feb 2021, but you can pre-order it now. Also, it is only available in the US.